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    Natacha Mosson


    European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)

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    James Freis

    Board and Executive Advisor

    Market Integrity Solutions

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    Pierre Monnin

    Senior Fellow

    Council on Economic Policies

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    Reiner Martin

    Executive Director

    Slovak National Bank

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    Lars Kiehlmann

    Principal Supervisor, Fit and Proper Division

    ECB Banking Supervision

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    Paul Disveld

    Head of Section, Fit and Proper Division

    ECB Banking Supervision

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    Michala Marcussen

    Chief Economist and Head of Economic and Sector Research

    Societe Generale

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    Giorgio Falchi

    Research Associate

    Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

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    Simon Dikau

    Distinguished Policy Fellow

    London School of Economics

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