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    Tobias Tröger

    Chair of Private Law, Trade and Business Law, Jurisprudence

    Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main

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    Seraina Grünewald

    Chair for European and Comparative Financial Law

    Radboud University Nijmegen

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    Bart Joosen

    Extraordinary professor Financial Supervision Law

    VU University Amsterdam and Recofise

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    Patrick Honohan

    Member of FBF Advisory Council

    Honorary Professor of Economics

    Trinity College Dublin

    Nonresident Senior Fellow

    Peterson Institute for International Economics

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    Vitor Constâncio

    Member of FBF Advisory Council

    President of the Board at ISEG

    Lisbon School of Economics and Management

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    Ignazio Angeloni

    Member of FBF Advisory Council

    Part-time professor

    Robert Schuman Center of the European University Institute

    Senior Fellow at the Research Center Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe (SAFE)

    Goethe University Frankfurt

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