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    María Julve

    Head of the Non-Financial Risk Experts Division

    European Central Bank

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    Katia Mastrodomenico

    Head of Division - DG Horizontal Line Supervision

    European Central Bank

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    Julian Toth

    Chief Operating Officer

    International Sustainable Finance Centre

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    Giorgio Tessadri

    Communications Officer

    Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

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    Valerio Novembre

    Research Fellow

    Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

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    Sebastian Rath

    Associate Director

    Boston Consulting Group

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    Gábor Gyura


    United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative

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    Stéphane Boivin

    Acting Head of ESG Risks Unit

    European Banking Authority

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    Lucia Alessi

    Team Leader

    European Commission - Joint Research Centre

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    Kern Alexander

    Part-time Professor

    Florence School of Banking and Finance

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    Peter Goodrich

    Member of the Secretariat

    Financial Stability Board (FSB)

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    Fernando Restoy

    Member of FBF Advisory Council

    Chair, Financial Stability Institute

    Bank for International Settlements

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