Staff: Instructors

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    Alain Otaegui

    Policy Expert in Digital Finance

    European Banking Authority

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    Iota Nassr

    Senior Policy Analyst, Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Division

    Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

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    Catherine Gu

    Director, Head of CBDC & Protocol,


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    James Chapman

    Deputy Managing Director

    Bank of Canada

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    Jonathan Chiu

    Senior Research Advisor

    Bank of Canada

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    Katrin Assenmacher

    Head of the Monetary Policy Strategy Division

    European Central Bank

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    Marie Brière

    Head of the Investor Research Center

    Amundi Institute

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    Stan Maes

    Acting Head of Macroprudential Unit

    DG FISMA, European Commission

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    Richard Portes

    Professor of Economics

    London Business School

    Advisory Scientific Committee

    European Systemic Risk Board

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