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Iacopo Donati


University of Siena


Iacopo Donati is a Professor of Business and Corporate Law at the University of Siena. Currently, he also serves as the UNIDROIT/Bank of Italy Chair Holder for the Bank Insolvency project at UNIDROIT. Additionally, he coordinates a consortium of universities in a research initiative—funded by the Italian Ministry for Universities and Research (MUR)—aimed to evaluate the framework on preventing and managing crises in retail banks through the lens of proportionality, and advance reform proposals. His reasearch interests span corporate, insolvency, and banking law, domains in which his research and publications have earned him several awards (“Prof. Gianfranco Campobasso” Award 2018; “Prof. Niccolò Salanitro” Award 2022).

Iacopo Donati holds an LL.M. degree from Stanford Law School and a Ph.D. from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He is qualified as an attorney in both Italy and the State of New York (USA).



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