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The new financial architecture in the Eurozone

Book - 2015

Author(s): Elena Carletti Franklin Allen Joanna Gray

Description: Based on a conference entitled “The New Financial Architecture in the Eurozone” organised by the European University Institute (EUI) and the Brevan Howard Centre, Imperial College London and held at the EUI in Florence, Italy, on 23 April 2015.

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The banking union and its implications for private law : a comment

Working Papers - 2015

Author(s): Christos Hadjiemmanuil

Description: This comment seeks to provide a conceptual framework for analysing the Banking Union’s implications for private law. After discussing how and in what form the Banking Union can engender potentially relevant regulatory norms, it identifies the general ways whereby these can be recognised in private law and translated into private rights and/or duties. It then responds to a common argument against translation, namely, that the public nature of the regulatory regime’s goals and concerns hinders its normative expansion in the realm of private law. On a more practical level, it provides a tentative catalogue of private legal relations likely to be affected by the Banking Union.

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The interplay between the EBA and the Banking Union

Working Papers - 2015

Author(s): Stefano Cappiello

Description: In the last five years the European institutional architecture of banking regulation and supervision has undergone sweeping changes, brought about by a number of sequential legislative initiatives. Such a "Copernican revolution" naturally calls for investigating whether and how these different layers of reforms add up to (or can be interpreted in a way that ensure) an overall consistent, efficient and effective design for banking regulation and supervision. This is particularly the case for the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the Banking Union (BU), two new institutional players which in the public debate are sometimes dubbed as overlapping or even conflicting. The paper provides a critical analysis of this interplay and its components, also with the aim to provide food for thought for further exploration, from a private as well as a public law perspective...

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Access to, and exclusion of, European consumers from financial markets after the global financial crisis

Book - 2013

Author(s): Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz

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Three possible avenues to simplify EMU’s governance

Policy Brief | Event Brief - 2015

Author(s): Pierre Schlosser

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