Topic: Bank resolution

  1. The importance of an efficient bankruptcy system

    Nandini Gupta (Indiana University)

    9 February 2023

  2. Preparing and Executing Bank Resolution

    Katerina Theodossiou (Bank of Greece) interviewed by Jan Trevisan (Florence School of Banking & Finance)

    23 April 2020

  3. Bank Resolution and Recovery in Europe

    Jens-Hinrich Binder (Professor at the University of Tübingen) interviewed by Christy Petit (Florence School of Banking & Finance).

    8 April 2020

  4. The effects of MREL on banks and the SRB

    Guillaume Adamczyk (Head of Unit in charge of resolution planning at the Single Resolution Board) interviewed by Jan Trevisan (Florence School of Banking & Finance).

    4 December 2019

  5. The Journey Towards Making Banks Resolvable

    In a high-profile lecture in Florence, Dr. Elke König (Chair of the Single Resolution Board)talks about the EU framework for resolution, explains how the SRB conceives and works on resolvability, and provides an assessment on the state of play and next steps.

    22 March 2019

  6. Liquidity and Resolution

    Dominique Laboureix (Director of Resolution Planning and Decisions and Member, Single Resolution Board) Michael Hesketh (Principal Banking Expert, European Stability Mechanism) Patrick Honohan (Honorary Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin; Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics)

    8 February 2019

  7. Resolution and State Aid

    Seraina Grünewald, Assistant professor for financial market law at the Institute of Law of the University of Zürich interviewed by Jan Trevisan, Florence School of Banking & Finance.

    23 November 2018

  8. Bank Resolution Planning

    Tobias Tröger, Professor of Civil Law, Commercial and Business Law, and Legal Theory at Goethe University, Frankfurt interviewed by Jan Trevisan, Florence School of Banking & Finance.

    22 November 2018

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