The team

Federica Agostini

Research Associate

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Contact info

[+39] 055 4685 876


Villa Raimondi, VR049

Working languages

Italian, Dutch, French, German


Federica Agostini is a Research Associate at the Florence School of Banking and Finance and is also in the final stages of completing her PhD at the University of Glasgow School of Law. Her doctoral research investigates the role of law in supporting sustainability objectives through financial transactions, notably securitisations. Federica also holds an LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Law (with distinction) from the University of Glasgow as well as a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Law (cum laude), with specialisation in EU and Comparative Law, from the University of Trento.

Before joining the FBF, Federica served as a Research and Teaching Associate at the University of Glasgow, actively participating in research projects on the intersection between law and sustainable finance. She has also worked at the Italian National Central Bank and acted as a consultant for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on the design of policy products to advance green finance. As part of her role at the FBF, Federica contributes to several teaching and training activities in the area of sustainable finance, climate risks and green bonds, including in the context of the partnership with the European Central Bank. Her research focuses on the nexus between law, financial markets and sustainability goals, corporate governance and EU financial regulation.

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