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SSM Foundation Programme – Second residential week in Lisbon

Last week, the second residential week of the SSM Foundation Programme took place at the beautiful premises of Banco de Portugal in Lisbon. Supervisors attending the programme had again the opportunity to get together,...

The SSM Foundation Programme concluded on 27 June in Florence at the European University Institute. This closing marked the end of a unique six-month learning journey for the 45 participants, who acquired supervisory knowledge essential for their roles within the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).


Inspiring discussions to close the programme
The last week of the programme ended with a series of impactful events. Participants had the chance to explore emerging risks and SSM priorities through the insightful perspectives of high-level speakers, including Supervisory Board Members like Elizabeth McCaul, Édouard Fernandez-Bollo and Santa Purgaile.

A commitment to excellence and innovation

Participants showcased the results of their extensive training over the past six months, presenting their capstone group assignment. They enjoyed receiving feedback from SSM experts who guided them through the entire journey and comments from each other, appreciating the positive results of peer-to-peer learning.

Congratulations to all the participants

The week concluded with a graduation ceremony at the charming Villa Schifanoia. Claudia Buch, Chair of the Supervisory Board awarded certificates to the participants. They celebrated the achievements of the first cohort and underscored the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in supervisory roles.

“We can be proud of this first cohort of the SSM Foundation Programme who are the next generation of European supervisors. Our two objectives with this programme are met: further promoting a common supervisory culture and offering supervisors in the SSM the best training for evolving challenges” said Claudia Buch.

Reflecting on the programme, participants expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to engage with leading experts, develop a comprehensive understanding of supervisory practices, and form lasting professional networks.

As the first graduates of the SSM Foundation Programme, their journey sets a precedent for future cohorts, embodying a commitment to excellence and innovation in banking supervision.


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