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New ECB-EUI partnership to train banking supervisors

On the 6th December 2022, the Florence School of Banking and Finance and the European Central Bank launched a partnership to train banking supervisors during an event held at the Eurotower in Frankfurt. This...

This week, in collaboration with the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), we officially launched the inaugural week of the ‘SSM Foundation Programme’. in Frankfurt, Germany. This initiative aims to unite the SSM community and foster a cohesive supervisory culture across Europe. 

Claudia Buch, the newly appointed Chair of the SSM Supervisory Board, extended a warm welcome to the participants, emphasizing the programme’s significance as the first European training for supervisors. “We see in you the ‘Next Generation’ of 100% European banking supervisors and hope that you will be great ambassadors of the Programme for years to come.” she said. 

Highlighting the steps made towards creating a unified team of European supervisors with shared methodologies, standards, practices, and culture, Buch stressed the ongoing commitment to furthering this collaboration, with the ‘SSM Foundation Programme’ playing a crucial role in this effort. 

Crafted as a comprehensive, multidisciplinary training initiative, the ‘SSM Foundation Programme’ aims to impart foundational technical knowledge and skills to banking supervisors. The programme features a mix of classroom sessions in Frankfurt, Lisbon, and Florence, along with extensive online modules. A distinguished lineup of speakers and experts from institutions and academia will enhance the learning experience. 

Key objectives of the programme include upskilling supervisors, fostering a sense of institutional belonging, and enhancing agility to actively contribute to the SSM mandate. Core topics covered will include the lifecycle of a bank, business models and credit risks among others. 

The first cohort of the ‘SSM Foundation Programme’, made up of 45 selected participants from ECB Banking Supervision and National Competent Authorities, will conclude its learning journey in June with a graduation ceremony in Florence at the European University Institute (EUI). 

This programme represents a significant milestone in the partnership between EUI and the SSM.  “Together, we aim to fortify the SSM Training Programme, ensuring that supervisors remain at the forefront of advancements in their professional field. The SSM and EUI are jointly shaping the future of banking supervision in Europe.”, said FBF Director Thorsten Beck, highlighting our commitment to excellence in banking and finance education. 

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