The team

Raffaele Passaro


Within the European Banking Authority (EBA), Mr. Raffaele Passaro works as a stress test expert in the Unit in charge of the EU-wide stress test and of risk analysis. Since he joined the EBA Mr. Passaro has worked on the EU-wide stress focusing on Market risk and in the last years also on climate risk. Within the EBA he has also contributed to other projects like the benchmarking exercise on banks internal models and the transparency exercise. Before joining the EBA, Mr. Passaro worked 2 years at the ECB in the financial stability and in the research department. Mr Passaro has also joint the research department of bank of Italy form 2008 to 2009 working in the econometric forecasting unit. Mr. Passaro represents the EBA in some of the working groups on climate risk stress testing at European level.

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