The team

Mira Lamriben


Mira Lamriben (EBA) joined the EBA in January 2014 where she held positions as an economist in Impact Analysis and as a policy expert in Own Funds regulation. She is now part of the Capital Market Union team where she is involved in the implementation of the Securitisation Regulation (including EBA work on Significant Risk Transfer and STS securitisations) and in the monitoring of the development of Green bonds. Before joining the EBA, Mira worked as an economist at the Banque de France in the area of banking studies and risk analysis. She delivered various analysis of the development of the EU and the French banking sector and had a specific focus on liquidity risk. Mira holds a Master in Public Affairs and Economics from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Science Po) and a Master of Laws from the University of Paris (La Sorbonne).

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