The team

Maria Macedo


Maria Macedo is the Head of the Non-Financial Risk Expert Division at the European Central Bank (ECB), where she has been working for more than six years. Among others, Maria has been in charge of setting up the horizontal AML coordination function (AMLCO), which acts as a central point of contact and centre of expertise on prudential issues related to ML/TF. Maria also chairs the AML network of prudential supervisors, which together with the AMLCO aims to achieve a consistent SSM-wide approach for better integrating ML/TF related issues into prudential supervision. Before joining the ECB, Maria worked in Banco de Portugal, first as Head of Planning, Processes & Control, in Prudential Supervision, and later as Head of Strategy. Prior to that, Maria worked as a consultant in The Boston Consulting Group, having led multiple projects in financial services.

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