The team

Lone Natorp

Danmarks Nationalbank


Lone Natorp is Head of Oversight at Danmarks Nationalbank, the Danish Central Bank. In that capacity she has led the oversight of systemically important payment and settlement systems for more than 10 years. Since 2016 Lone has played a central role in establishing and developing a public-private partnership with the goal to increase cyber resilience and operational robustness across the Danish financial infrastructure. The forum is called Financial Sector forum for Operational Resilience, FSOR. Lone has been responsible for developing the FSOR method for mapping and risk analysis on sector level and has an active role in several of the mitigating actions including: the crisis management plan at sector level, cyber stocktakes, baseline for cyber resilience and the latest initiative on data protection. Lone also participates in various international groups, including the BIS IN Cyber Working Group and the Cooperative Oversight of CLS.

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