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Kern Alexander

Part-time Professor

Florence School of Banking and Finance


Kern Alexander is a Part-time Professor of International Financial Law and Banking Regulation at the Florence School of Banking and Finance. He is the author of many research articles and books, including Principles of Banking Regulation (Cambridge University Press, 2019), Brexit and Financial Service (co-author, Moloney et al, Bloomsbury, 2018), Global Governance of Financial Systems (co-author, Oxford Univ Press, 2005), and Economic Sanctions: Law and Public Policy (Macmillan, 2009). He has authored research reports and commissioned reports for the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank on banking regulation and environmental sustainability. His groundbreaking report, Stability and Sustainability in Banking Reform: Are Environmental Risks Missing in Basel III (Cambridge, 2014) was the first study of the interrelationship between banking regulation, environmental sustainability, and climate change. His report has been widely cited and has spawned a growing area of research that analyses the relationship between law/regulation, finance, and sustainability. He is the Founder of the Research Network for Sustainable Finance and a co-editor of Sustainable Finance: Law, Regulation and Governance (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press UK), and Central Banking and Sustainability (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK).

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