The team

Katja Taipalus


Katja Taipalus(PhD in Economics) is currently working as the Head of Financial Stability and Statistics Department in the Bank of Finland (2015-). Under the department there are four divisions: financial stability and macroprudential analysis, macroprudential policies, financial statistics, statistical analysis and information services. Department also includes team of digitalization of finance. She joined the Bank of Finland in 2001 and has worked as an economist in Financial Stability as well as Monetary Policy Departments and as a project researcher at the research-division. Before current position she worked as the Head of Financial Stability and Macroprudential Analysis in the Bank. Before joining Central Bank she worked in the markets in derivatives exchange and in the mutual pension fund. Currently she holds positions as EBA BoS observer, deputy member in the Board of FIN-Financial Supervisory Authority and as a member of Advisory Committee of FIN- Financial Stability Authority.

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