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Catherine Gu

Director, Head of CBDC & Protocol,



Catherine Gu heads Visa’s Global CBDC program and blockchain protocol research and development, building digital payment solutions with central banks, financial partners and global infrastructure technology companies. She is actively leading Visa’s CBDC engagements with over 40 different central banks, alongside Web3 players and financial institutions. This encompasses directing Visa’s CBDC pilots around the globe, including the current Brazil LIFT Challenge and receiving HKMA’s CBDC award for Best Ecosystem player. Catherine is an inventor and has published several technical white-papers and policy papers for Visa in relation to digital currencies and digital payments using blockchain technologies. Prior to Visa, she spent several years on stablecoin research and decentralized governance and oracle design, with 5+ years focus on the digital asset industry. She began her career in the City of London working in risks and then macro hedge fund investment strategies at Man Group and J.P. Morgan.

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