The team

Catarina Dinis da Gama


Catarina Dinis da Gama (Banking Supervision Team Lead in DG-Specialized Institutions and LSIs, ECB) joined the ECB in 2014, having been integrated into supervisory teams of G-SIB Banking Groups. Currently, she is a Team Lead of 3 highly qualified supervisory teams for 3 Significant Institutions from 3 different countries, deputizing the coordinator in: design of strategic supervisory plans, coordination and quality assurance for off-site and on-site supervisory activities, coordination of interactions with bank’s management, training and coaching of newcomers on supervisory methodologies, planning and supervisory cooperation.

Catarina’s main technical competencies are in the areas of Banking internal governance and risk management practices as well as credit risk management. Before joining the ECB, Catarina worked in the Prudential Supervision Department of Banco de Portugal for 10 years and in a major Portuguese Banking Group for 9 years. She has a Master degree in Business Administration and Management

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