The team

Anna Bak


Anna Bak (AFME) is a Associate Director, Securitisation Division at The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) where she is leading AFME work stream on Green Securitisation and application of the ESG principles to securitisation. Anna is also responsible for developing positions on a wide variety of other securitisation related topics. Anna joined AFME in February 2014 to work at the Securitisation Division. She is involved in negotiating industry standpoints on many critical regulatory initiatives, including calibration of the Basel capital and liquidity rules, Solvency 2 rules, derivatives and transparency rules as well as establishing “simple transparent and standardised securitisation” under the European securitisation framework. Earlier in her career Anna was a transaction lawyer in Amsterdam. Previously, she worked at TMF Group and later at Citco where she spent 6 years working on variety of ABS transactions, including RMBS, SME and auto-loans structures. Anna holds an LL.M degree from the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) with specialisation in European Law and a Master of Law degree from the University of Lodz (Poland).

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