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Breaking Invisible Barriers: Does Fast Internet Improve Access to Input Markets?


06 November 2023

15:00 - 16:15 CET



Villa Schifanoia - Chapel

'Finance in the Tuscan Hills' seminar series with Beata Javorcik

|| This seminar is open ONLY to EUI members ||

As part of the 'Finance in the Tuscan Hills' seminar series, Beata Javorcik, Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London, is set to enlighten our exclusive audience of EUI members.

She will be presenting her paper, Breaking Invisible Barriers: Does Fast Internet Improve Access to Input Markets?, which she co-authored with Banu Demir (University of Oxford, Bilkent University, and CEPR) and Piyush Panigrahi (Johns Hopkins University).

In their research, Javorcik and her co-authors explore how fast internet impacts business operations. They analysed firm-to-firm transactions and internet infrastructure in 81 Turkish provinces from 2012 to 2019, revealing a noteworthy shift: buyers favour sellers with better internet connectivity. Their findings highlight the significant role of high-speed internet in increasing income in Turkish provinces by 2%.

Join our seminar to explore how fast internet is reshaping business dynamics by breaking invisible barriers.


The FBF seminar series ‘Finance in the Tuscan Hills’ focuses on financial sector issues and aims to bring together researchers from across the EUI community, who share an interest in these subjects.

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Florence School of Banking and Finance

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