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SRB-FBF-SAFE academic event: Bank crisis management – what next?

Last week saw the virtual conference on Bank Crisis Management – What Next?, jointly organised by the Florence School of Banking and Finance, SAFE Frankfurt and the Single Resolution Board, with seven papers covering...

Last week, the Florence School of Banking and Finance organised a course on the ‘Empirical Methods in Sustainable Finance’.

The course started on 10th November, lasted three days and took place in a hybrid format, in which we welcomed some participants at our premises in Florence, while many others were able to connect to the training room remotely.

The course revolved around the empirical methods that can be deployed to investigate issues in sustainable finance. In particular, the Instructors Steven Ongena (University of Zurich) and Andrada Bilan (Swiss National Bank) discussed these methods to allow participants, among others, to analyse the sustainability of a banking system, to manage environmental risks at the bank level, and how to make sustainable the lending of banks to households and credit constrained firms.

The theoretical lectures by the course instructors were complemented by practical sessions. At the end of the last two days, participants took part in exercises conducted using the STATA software and led by Natalie Kessler, fourth -year Ph.D. researcher at the Department of Economics at the European University Institute.

This was the first course organised by the FBF which welcomed course participants in Florence since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020.

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