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Online seminar – Financial Stability and Insurance Markets

September 3, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Europe/Rome Timezone
FBF Online Platform
Jan Trevisan
+39 055 4685 802

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As is well established, financial institutions can create or amplify systemic risk. In this online seminar, Dimitris Zafeiris (Head of the Risks and Financial Stability Department at the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority – EIOPA) and Francesco Mazzaferro (Head of the Secretariat at the European Systemic Risk Board – ESRB) will guide us through the sources of systemic risk in insurance and will spell out that two types of systemic risk can be distinguished.

The first type of systemic risk is contagion (both direct and indirect). The second type is the systematic withdrawal or failure of insurance services, which could lead to a systemic disruption. Zafeiris and Mazzaferro will thus argue that a macroprudential approach should address systemic risk and supplement the microprudential supervisory framework for insurers (Solvency II).

This online seminar will also highlight that the lack of harmonisation in the field of recovery and resolution of insurers makes cross-border cooperation and coordination more difficult. For the orderly resolution of insurers, a harmonised and comprehensive recovery and resolution framework is essential to better protecting policyholders as well as maintaining financial stability. Finally, Zafeiris and Mazzaferro will argue that European policyholders should be adequately and – to a minimum – evenly protected in the event of insurance failures. This could be achieved by harmonising the national insurance guarantee schemes in the EU.



Francesco Mazzaferro (Head of the Secretariat of the European Systemic Risk Board – ESRB)
Francesco Mazzaferro has been the Head of the Secretariat of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) since January 2011. He began his career in financial research in the Research Department of the Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino (today part of Intesa Sanpaolo) in Turin, Italy, in 1987. Francesco joined the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, in 1992, starting his international career in the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, where his work focused on the European Currency Unit and preparations for the introduction of the single currency. In 1995 he joined the European Monetary Institute – which later became the European Central Bank – in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, as the Officer of Policy Planning. In 1998 he became the Senior European Relations Officer in the European Relations Division. From 2000 he worked as Principal in the EU Neighbouring Regions Division, becoming the Head of Division in 2003.


Dimitris Zafeiris (Head of the Risks and Financial Stability Department, EIOPA)
Dimitris Zafeiris is Head of the Risks and Financial Stability Department at the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA). He is responsible for EIOPA’s activities in the areas of financial stability, crisis management and studies and statistics.Before joining EIOPA, Dimitris ran the risk management unit in a commercial bank where he was responsible for the management of projects such as the implementation of Basel II and external asset quality reviews. Prior to this, Dimitris held roles as investment director, portfolio manager and analyst in a number of firms in the asset management industry. Dimitris holds a Master of Science in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Economics.




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