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Annual Conference

Institutions and the Crisis

The European University Institute (EUI), the Brevan Howard Centre at Imperial College and BAFFI CAREFIN at Bocconi University are jointly organising a conference entitled “Institutions and the Crisis” hosted at the EUI in Florence on Thursday, the 26th of April 2018.

Background and objective

The crisis has turned Europe’s economic and financial governance into a patchwork of bodies, instruments and rules that are hard to disentangle. Against this background, the purpose of this conference is to critically analyse, review and debate the most salient elements and gaps of Europe’s post-crisis institutional architecture.
More specifically, the conference aims:

  1. to draw analytical and practical lessons from the crisis management solutions provided by European Union institutions
  2. to interrogate how courts discussed, challenged and legitimized the EU’s key crisis-led decisions
  3. to look ahead and boldly ask and discuss what should be the Economic and Monetary Union’s optimal institutional set-up – also in light of a renewed and conceivably more dynamic French-German cooperation moment.


Franklin Allen, Brevan Howard Centre Imperial College
Elena Carletti, BAFFI CAREFIN Bocconi University and European University Institute
Mitu Gulati, Duke University


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