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Only a few places left for the course ‘Bank Regulation and Systemic Risk’

Our course ‘Bank Regulation and Systemic Risk’, taught by Professor Jean-Charles Rochet (SFI Professor of Banking in the Banking and Finance Institute at Zürich University) is almost fully booked.

Only a few places are left. The deadline for registration is 18 September 2017, but all interested to attend are strongly encouraged to register at their earliest convenience. 

This course will take place at the European University Institute in Florence on 9-11 October 2017 and will present the concepts, principles and models underlying prudential regulation of banks and studies how they have to be modified to deal with systemic risk and contagion. It will discuss the use of lenders of last resort as a way to reduce systemic risks, contagion and transmission of balance sheet imbalances and other measures for bank resolution that shield the banking system from generalized crises and runs. 

The course will feature lectures and applications to real life situations. The description of the session and the division between working days can be found in the official programme of the training course. 

Participants in the course are expected to have a background in economics, prior knowledge of basic banking and finance models and understanding of dynamic optimization and of basic simulation techniques.

Further information and registration