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Online seminar ‘Resolution Planning in Practice’

Mauro Grande, Member of the Single Resolution Board, and his colleague Sophie Steins Bisschop from the Directorate for Resolution Strategy, Processes and Methodology were the speakers in an online seminar on banking resolution organised by the Florence School of Banking and Finance on October 4th, 2017.

The seminar, entitled ‘Resolution Planning in Practice‘, was attended by participants from 39 different countries, mostly from European-based bodies such as the Single Resolution Board, the European Central Bank and the European Commission, as well as private organisations such as Ernst & Young, but including also participants from Brazil, Iceland and Russia.

After the introductory remarks delivered by Pierre Schlosser of the FBF, the main presentation that followed was delivered by Mauro Grande. The talk explained in details the process of preparing resolution plans, outlining the historical evolution of the procedures and their rationale, as well as highlighting the horizontal issues arising in the process and the complex coordination efforts among the parties involved. In the second part of his presentation, Mr. Grande outlined the four key elements of preparing resolution plans, namely on the critical functions provided to third parties, the identification of the preferred resolution strategies and of the impediments to resolvability and, last but not least, the Minimum Requirement of own Funds and Eligible Liabilities (MREL).

Participants interacted with the speakers through three real-time polls, testing their knowledge on the triggers for resolution, the resolution tools used for the recent Banco Popular case, and the own nature of critical functions. Sophie Steins Bisschop, co-responsible for designing SRB Methodologies on Critical Functions and the Public Interest Assessment, commented on the feedback of the participants, kickstarting the Q&A session that followed and which closed the online seminar.