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Financial Stability and Regulation

Enrico Perotti

Contingent Convertible Debt Instruments (CoCos): regulatory use and market development | Enrico Perotti

| This webinar addressed the new regulatory treatment of Contingent Convertible Debt instruments (CoCos) and the development of the underlying CoCo bond markets. The contractual feature of the existing stock of […]

Capital and Bail in Debt Buffers: Loss Absorption vs Risk Incentives | Enrico Perotti


Why do banks resist capital requirements?


Supervision and Resolution

Mauro Grande

Starting-up the Single Resolution Mechanism

| We interviewed Mauro Grande, who sits on the Single Resolution Board. We asked him how the Single Resolution Mechanism would work and who would have the final say in the […]

Lucia Quaglia hints at “a convoluted decision-making process” on banking resolution


Elena Carletti warns of “agency problem” for new Banking Union


Risk Management

Will the Chinese Slowdown threaten European Banks?

| We ask Piers Haben, Director of Oversight at the European Banking Authority, about the risks of diminished Chinese growth and whether we’re ready for the consequences.