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Latest eBook: ‘The Changing Geography of Finance and Regulation in Europe’

The Florence School of Banking and Finance has just published its latest book, which is available for download for free from Cadmus, the EUI research repository.

This book contains the proceedings of the conference ‘The Changing Geography of Finance and Regulation in Europe‘, organised by the Florence School of Banking and Finance at the European University Institute’s Robert Schuman Centre of Advanced Studies and the Brevan Howard Centre at Imperial College London, in cooperation with BAFFI CAREFIN at Bocconi University, which was held at in Florence on 27 April 2017.

The publication of this book reinforces the tradition established in 2011 at the FBF of gathering in Florence every summer leading economists, lawyers, political scientists and policy makers to discuss the economic situation in Europe in the light of the most pressing policy priorities, challenges and future prospects. After the event, the contributions by the speakers are collected in an edited ebook, free to download in electronic format and available also in print at selected FBF events.

This year’s book focuses on the swift changes in the geography of finance, and particularly on how the regulatory framework should respond to the profound changes which are impacting the world’s financial architecture. These changes include:

  • The advent of innovative technologies, collectively known as FinTech
  • the issues related to regulatory arbitrage
  • the impact of Brexit on the European landscape

Edited by Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, Joanna Gray and Mitu Gulati, the book features the following contributions:

  • Part 1: The new world of FinTech
    • Explaining the infrastructure underpinning securities markets: market failure and the role of technology, Eva Micheler
    • An introduction to FinTech, Andrei Kirilenko
    • Debt as money: implications for financial stability, Jean-Pierre Landau
  • Part 2: Regulatory arbitrage across jurisdictions
    • English law and jurisdiction post Brexit, Yannis Manuelides
    • Regulatory arbitrage: some thoughts, Lachlan Burn
    • After Brexit: rebooting Euro area financial integration, Jeromin Zettelmeyer
  • Part 3: A case study: Brexit
    • Brexit, Financial markets and the wider economy, David Miles
    • Changing geography of finance and regulation in Europe: Brexit case study, Jonathan Faull
    • Brexit: a tale of exit over voice, Brigid Laffan
    • Connecting and disconnecting critical financial market infrastructures: oversight and regulation of CCPs after Brexit, Agnieszka Smoleńska
  • Lessons from the past for the future, Martin Sandbu
  • Still looking for the banking Union’s fiscal backstop, Pierre Schlosser
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