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Job vacancy for research fellow

We are looking for a research fellow to join our international team in Florence. The Research Fellow will carry out research work in an independent manner and collaborate on the research work of the project. The...

On the days from 26th to 28th April, we welcomed the participants of the ‘Digital Currencies Academy’ at our premises in Florence, Italy. The Academy was the first blended course offered by our School. The blended format consists of a combination of online modules and residential classes.

The participants were given access to the online platform on the 4th of April and were able to watch introductory videos prepared by the course directors Thorsten Koeppl (Queen’s University, Canada) and Elisabeth Noble (European Banking Authority).

The course officially kicked-off on the 19th April with the first online Live class, where participants had the chance to meet for the first time online.

During the three days in Florence, the teaching focused on hot topics such as Central Bank Digital Currencies vs. Private Digital Currencies, regulation, supervision and oversight of ‘Tokenomics’ and the future of digital payments.

The participants had the chance to held group activities and interact actively both during the classes and the social activities especially prepared for them.

The concluding live class was held online on 10th May online.

Our next blended course ‘Prudential risk and policies in the European investment fund sector’ will occur this late Autumn.

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