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Closing of the 4th edition of the Online course on SREP

On the week from the 5th to the 9th of February we hosted the fourth edition of our online course on the ‘Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process’ (SREP), jointly developed with the European Banking Authority (EBA) in London.

This course is one of the two online training courses developed by the Florence School of Banking and Finance in cooperation with the EBA and, as such, it has been offered to a closed audience consisting of National Competent and Resolution Authorities belonging to the EBA’s Supervisory Culture Network. Despite it being the fourth re-run, the course was met with interest from a wide public consisting of 72 participants representing 22 countries, consisting of national authorities in 7 countries, national central banks in 14 countries as well as 3 European institutions or agencies.

This course is hosted at an intermediate level, meaning that participants should have a solid understanding of the basis of bank regulation. With respect to SREP however, the majority of the participants (59%) had no previous exposure to SREP, as they are approaching this topic in their professional capacity for the first time, while 28% of them had an overall working experience on SREP of less than two years. The working profiles of the participants included mostly resolution experts, financial analysts and policy analysts, as well as risk specialists and bank supervisors.

The course opened on Monday with an introductory seminar, during which participants were explained the rationale of the course and its requirements by Oleg Shmeljov, Policy Expert at EBA and instructor in Lesson 2 in the course. The seminar then continued with a presentation of the FBF and its training offer by Pierre Schlosser, Scientific coordinator of the FBF, and an introduction of the functionalities of the online course platform by Jan Trevisan, online course facilitator at the FBF.

A second seminar was held on Wednesday. This particular session complemented the content of the course with a live lesson by Andreas Papaetis, Policy Experts at EBA, who gave a presentation of the recently proposed draft amendments to the SREP guidelines published by the EBA.

Finally, the course was closed on Friday by a closing seminar, when the presenters in previous seminars were joined by Slavka Eley, Head of the EBA’s Supervisory Convergence Unit and instructor in Lesson 1, and Katrin Weissenberg, bank expert at EBA, in presenting the main take-aways from the course and engaging with the participants in a lively Q&A session.

Participants praised particularly the good organisation of the course and its clarity, particularly when presenting the key concepts.

Many thanks for an excellent course! I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues. It has been most useful!
Anonymous participant in the online course ‘Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process’, February 2018